The LRSV is located in the dynamic environment of the GenoToul bioinformatics platform. The laboratory has thus computing resources and storage capacities provided by the platform. On the other hand, the vitality of the LRSV Bioinformatics  facility enabled the creation and development of databases with national and international coverage.

* AphanoDB is an EST database of the oomycete Aphanomyces euteiches, root parasite legume plants developed by the Plant Immunity and Effectors team.

* Eucalyptus species, renowned for their fast growth, valuable wood properties and wide adaptability, are amongst the most planted hardwoods in the world for pulpwood and timber. Sequencing effort, sequences assembly, analysis and annotation of large collections of ESTs related to wood formation and to frost tolerance have been centralized the EucaToul by the Eucalyptus functional genomics team.

* MAIZEWALL is a bioinformatic analysis and gene expression data repertory related to of cell wall biosynthesis and assembly in maize developed by the Xylem differentiation team in the research topic Analyse transcriptomique de la mise en place de la paroi cellulaire chez le maïs.

* PeroxiBase is a specialized database dedicated to the peroxidase superfamilies developed by the Peroxidase Expression and Evolution team in the research interest Development and update of the PeroxiBase. The database centralizes most of the peroxidase superfamilies encoding sequences, to follow the evolution of peroxidase among living organism and to compile the information concerning putative functions and transcriptional regulation.

* Three bioinformatics tools were established by the Cell wall proteins and Development team in the research topic Cell wall proteins and Development to facilitate the interpretation of cell wall proteomics data. ProtAnnDB is a tool for structural and functional annotation of proteins. WallProtDB is cell wall proteomics database. ProTerNyc is a tool for predicting N-terminus of secreted proteins as well as localization of their N-glycosylations.



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