The LRSV hosts the MetaToul-AgromiX platform. This platform is dedicated to the analysis of plant metabolites as well as fungal and bacterial metabolites that may be involved in biotic interactions.

The MetaToul-AgromiX platform is part of the Metabolomics and Fluxomics platform in Toulouse (MetaToul), technological platform of the GenoToul.

It brings together scientific and technical skills (researchers, engineers, technicians) and resources (advanced equipments: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Mass Spectrometry, Sample Preparation Robots) in the field of global metabolism analysis.
MetaToul provides the scientific community with concepts, tools and methods related to the analysis of metabolism in cells, tissues and organisms.

The MetaToul platform, certified IBISA, is committed to a quality approach which is an essential tool for the continuous improvement of its operation and thus the quality of the services of the platform.
It is ISO 9001 and NFX-50-900 certified.

MetaToul is a partner of the MetaboHUB National Metabolomics and Fluxomics Infrastructure project led by Fabien Jourdan, with the Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand and Saclay platforms.

List of services and analyzes available at the MetaToul-AgromiX platform

The MetaToul platform can be requested by the public and private scientific community for qualitative and quantitative analyzes of plant and microbial metabolites to :

  • Realize services to meet specific needs
  • Develop new methods. Collaboration or partnership can be developed as part of the setting up and implementation of research projects.
  • Provide analytical instruments.


 Mass spectrometry analysis of phytohormones :

Abscissic Acid Abscissic Acid (ABA)
Glucose ester-ABA (ABA-GE) …

Jasmonic Acid (JA)

Jacmonic acid-Phenylalanine (Ja-Phe : detection only),
Jasmonic acid-Isoleucine (Ja-Iso : detection only)

Auxins 1H-indole-3-acetic acid (AIA)
Indole-3-butyric acid (IBA)
3-indolepropionic acid (IPA)
N-(3-indolyacetyl)-alanine (AIA-Ala)
N-(3-indolyacetyl)-aspartate (AIA-Asp)
N-(3-indolyacetyl)-glycine (AIA-Gly)
N-(3-indolyacetyl)-glutamate (AIA-Glu)
indole-3-acétaldéhyde (IAAI)
indole-3-acétamide (IAM)
indole-3-acétonitrile (IAN)
indole-3-pyruvate (IPyA) …

cis and trans zeatin (cZ et tZ)
cis and trans zeatin-O-glucoside (cZOG et tZOG)
cis and trans zeatin riboside-O-glucoside (CZROG et tZROG)

Dihydrozeatin (DHZ) and Dihydrozeatin riboside (DHZR)
Dihydrozeatin-7-glucoside (DHZ7G)

Dihydrozeatin-9-glucoside (DHZ9G)
Topoline (T)
cis zeatin riboside (cis-ZR)
Isopentenyl adénine (iP)
Isopentenyl adénosine (iPR)
Isopentenyl adénine 9 Glucoside (iP9G)
Benzylaminopurine (BA)*
Kinetine (K)* …

Gibberellins GA1, GA3, GA4, GA7, GA5, GA24 …
Salicylates Acide salicylique libre (SA)
2-methylthio-isopentenyladenosine (2MeS-iPR)
Strigolactones Strigol, sorgolactone, orobanchol, 5-desoxy strigol …
Brassinosteroid Brassinolide (BR)

* synthetic phytohormones

Biological material and matrices that can be analyzed:

Seedlings, roots, leaves, exudates and culture media of microorganisms.

Medicago truncatula, Arabidopsis thaliana, …

The extraction protocol is developed according to the biological material.

Provision of devices and user training

The platform staff can provide training tailored to your needs: sample preparation, use of analytical equipment, data reprocessing.

AgromiX platform equipments

  • U-HPLC-MS Q-Exactive Plus (Thermoscientific)
  • LC-MS Qtrap 5500 (AB Sciex)
  • GC-MS TSQ Quantum (Thermoscientific)

LRSV equipments: HPLC with DAD detector and/or Fluorescence (ThermoScientific)

Research and Development Activities

Global Metabolomic:

Feature annotation of complex extract

Multivariate data analysis (Clustering, discriminant analysis, regression)

Multi-omics approaches

Targeted metabolomics:

Plant metabolites: phytoalexins, alkaloids, phenolic compounds, flavonoids, …

Microbial metabolites: lipochitooligosaccharides (LCOs), chitooligosaccharides (COS) …

Collaboration or partnership can be developed as part of the implementation of research projects.



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How to make a project request

 An access mode has been defined by the MetaToul platform according to the following schema:


  1. The applicant contacts the MetaToul platform using the MetaboHub project request site (MAMA):

  1. The tray manager will contact you to discuss the project in order to evaluate, accept or reject it.

The project may eventually be returned to another platform of the MetaToul platform or another platform of the MetaboHUB infrastructure.

When the project is accepted, a project manager is appointed.

  1. A “study and service proposal” will be sent to you by the project manager. It contains the conditions and commitments, the terms of implementation, the deadlines and the price.

4. The applicant then returns the signed proposal to the project manager to begin the project.


Guillaume Marti ( Scientific director of MetaToul-AgromiX platform: tools coordination (pharmacognosy lecturer, metabolomic)

Sylvie Fournier ( Co-manager of the MetaToul-AgromiX Platform: Operational and Technical Management (Mass Spectrometry Engineer), Platform Quality Facilitator

Virginie Puech ( Co-manager of the MetaToul-AgromiX platform: coordination of R&D projects (biochemistry lecturer, mass spectrometry)

Staff hired on project:

Amélie Pérez : Engineer in LC-MS

Axel Dablanc : Engineer in bioinformatics

Solweig Hennechart : PhD student in bioinformatics


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