PhD Student– Université Toulouse 3

Maryam obtained her BSc. in Agricultural Engineering-Agronomy and Plant Breeding from Isfahan University of Technology-Isfahan, Iran in 2014 and pursued her graduate studies in the same university. In 2017 she obtained her MSc. in Agricultural Engineering- Plant Breeding. After her graduation, she was working in both, university, as a T.A., and in field, as a breeder. Although she had her focus on cereal breeding, she had a craving for augmenting her knowledge about biotic stresses. Thus, in 2019, she was awarded the Marie-Sklodowska Curie scholarship and started her PhD. in University of Paul Sabatier-Toulouse, France under supervision of Bernard Dumas. Currently, she is studying characteristics and impacts of P.oligandrum, the biocontrol agent, in terms of its interactions with plant roots, pathogenic oomycetes and organisms, as well as symbiotic interactions. In order to achieve all these, she collaborates also with De Sangosse under the frame of LabCom BioPlantProducts, with mentorship of Thomas Rey.