Le LRSV hosts the Plant Metabolite platform of MetaToul

MetaToul is a high level technological platform which provides to the scientific community the concepts, tools and methods in the field of the total analysis of the metabolism (metabolomic, lipidomic, fluxomics).
MetaToul dedicates a large part of its activity to the development of new methodologies based on the use of NMR or mass spectrometry, as well as the complementarity of these two tools for the analysis of metabolism.
MetaToul is a partner of the French National Infrastructure MetaboHUB.

MetaboHub provides tools and services to academic research teams and industrial partners in the fields of nutrition and health, agriculture and biotechnologies.

The plateform is certified  ISO 9001 : 2008 since october  2014 and NFX-50-900 since october 2017.

  • Analysis of plant metabolites:
    • Analysis and/or quantification of phytohormones (SA, AIA, ABA, JA, CK, some strigolactones,…)
    • Phenolics and flavonoids profiling
    • Search for phytoalexins, alcaloids or other secondary metabolites _
  • Search for signals involved in plant-microorganism interactions:
    • strigolactones, Myc factors, lipochito-oligosaccharides (LCOs), chitooligosaccharides (COS) …
  • Rental of equipment: GC-MS TSQ Quantum and LC-MS QExactive Plus (Thermoscientific)


Saïda Danoun, head of the platform, mass spectrometry engineer
Sylvie Fournier, quality host, mass spectrometry engineer
Odile Barbier, biochemistry technician
Virginie Puech, biochemistry lecturer, mass spectrometry


Saïda Danoun
Email : danoun@lrsv.ups-tlse.fr
Tel : +33 5 34 32 38 31




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Fax           :   +33

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